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                Ader Chen

                Ader Chen,worked at Palo Alto  Design  Group San   Francisco at  1995 ,Accurmulated the management experience in Palo Alto Design Group and Flextronics International .Now work in the Xcellent Products International,tilted CCO.For the decades,he always uphold the spirit of "happiness design".Ader has a wide range of designs,Such as Computer peripgerals,pho toelectric,3C product,household  prducts and ebem firmotire products.2005 begam to design the Zen president table fpr Aurora,which is his outstanding designs in recent years and bring a wonderful sales performance for his clients.Year 2006 and 2007,his Xcellent Products Lnternational design team was invited to attend tje design of Milan international furniture fair.And it is tje only team who was invited in Taiwan.

                Design works